Due to the fact that all here shown Heuer digital watches are almost impossible to find in working condition, let alone unworn with original accessories, it is not surprising that prices are paid for good Chronosplit watches that are quite high.

There are very few people worldwide who own at least one like new Heuer digital watch, boxed with original papers.

Quite naturally the usually „untested“ and most likely defect Heuer Chronosplit turns up at ebay.
If you are looking for one then you really need to keep your eyes peeled. Every time you go online to check emails or play a few games of party poker, it is worth checking to see if any have come available. You never know, once in a while one may just come up, and you may even find yourself a bargain. However, it might not be without its defects.

Most of the time some more or less gifted DIY guys have fumbled around with it, without the slightest idea of what they are actually doing.
Usually they took apart the module, thus destroying it for good.

Therefore, please note:  NEVER ever take a Chronosplit LED or LCD module apart. This is solely a job for electronic experts with adequate equipment, that are absolutely familiar with every detail of how this module is built and how it works.

DO NOT follow any Internet advice by so-called experts, no matter what they tell you: Your Chronosplit will NEVER work in the end!

Everything will get worse, that's all.

If you have problems with your Chronosplit please feel free to contact me and ask for advice.
I have many parts and can do a lot of repairs since I’m very familiar with these watches.

Repair of Heuer Chronosplit LED and LCD Watches

The Heuer Chronosplit watches CAN NOT be serviced by the owner, apart from exchanging the batteries.  Even then you have to have the right tools for opening the back cover plus a fitting screw driver for loosening the battery clip.

It is not advisable to open the back with a screwdriver, as this always leaves scratches.

You need a special watchmaker's case opener, a normal watchmaker's knife can only partly be recommended.Just think, that causing a single scratch at a Chronosplit case can easily reduce the possible selling price by several hundred! Do not save at the wrong end!

Furthermore it has to be observed that batteries and the inside of the watch should NEVER be touched ANYWHERE with unprotected hands!
This would always leave traces of fat and sweat, thereby causing corrosion that inevitably leads to damage to the watch.
Gloves are an absolute MUST!

Change of batteries should always be done by a good watchmaker as they have the right tools for opening the case. You shouldn't try to save some money here, as a battery change will only cost you 20 bucks or less.

I generally recommend a battery change every six months, no matter if the batteries are low or not. After only six months already acid gases can get out of the battery, without being visible at all.That alone can make the unprotected microchips and wire-bonds corrode.

I also strongly advice to only use the slightly more expensive silver-oxide batteries.

- The Chronosplit LED/LCD needs two batteries, type SR 301

- The Chronosplit 2LCD needs two batteries, type V392      

If you have a problem with your Chronosplit, you can use my repair service!


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