HP-01 Operation

How to operate the HP-01 Calculator Watch

HP-01 LED calculator watch operation and how to

In this section you will learn what the HP-01 LED watch can do and for example how to calculate the running costs of a telephone
call in real time with the HP01. In former times, when a telephone call to overseas was much more expensive than nowadays, this
was an important feature.
Besides the HP-01 can calculate for example which day of the week is the 10th of October 2022 or which exact date is in
894 days in the future.

HP-01 boxed HP-01 manual and stylus HP-01 gold set
HP-01 operation #1
HP-01 LED watch styli HP-01 LED watch stylus steel HP-01 LED watch stylus gold
HP-01 LED watch glass (gold)
HP-01 LED watch glass (steel)
HP-01 manual p.30
HP-01 manual p.31
HP-01 manual p.32
HP-01 manual p.33
HP-01 manual black
HP-01 manual brown
HP-01 operation #5

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