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The HP-01 LED-watch review of models:

In this section you will find all of the models, all sub-models and all variations as well as all known prototypes of the HP-01 wrist calculator.

You might think that you already knew all of the models from other websites such as hpmuseum.org or Hewlett-Packard’s “Virtual HP Museum” which all say there were only two different models. You will be surprised how many different HP-01 exist in reality and which unbelievable diversity of different variations exist.
Look forward to the different and numerous HP-01 prototypes and parts of my collection which are assumed to be unique. In this section you can also find a link to my large HP-01 photo gallery which isn’t accessible through the normal navigation of this site.
Only the ones amongst you who read the whole content of this big section will be recompensed by getting access to the biggest HP-01 photo gallery in the internet.

HP-01 LED watch steel collection HP-01 LED watch gold
HP-01 LED watch collection
HP-01 models #1
HP-01 Models catalogue
HP-01 models pricelist

Review of my HP-01 LED-watch collection:
All models - all styles, variations and prototypes

My complete HP-01 collection: Review of all HP-01 models and model-variations

HP-01 collection review
HP-01 models #2

The three HP-01 basic models: Gold (A1-002) , Steel (A1-001) and ‘Chrome’ A1-007

HP-01 model A1-002
HP-01 model A1-001
HP-01 model A1-007

The HP-01 leather band models:  Gold (A1-005) and  Steel (A1-004)

HP-01 model A1-005
HP-01 model A1-005 #2
HP-01 model A1-004
HP-01 model A1-004 #2
My HP-01 collection: The various model-variations
HP-01 veriations review
HP-01 models #4

Flash photo-gallery of the numerous HP-01 model variations:

The HP-01 serial numbers: The meaning of the numbers on the case back of the HP-01
HP-01 models #5

Flash-photo gallery of various HP-01 case backs:

Note: these case backs don’t belong to the watches shown above - they’re just examples!

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