HP-01 Brochures

HP-01 Advertisements and Pamphlets

In this chapter you can find a lot of vintage brochures, ads and other things related to the HP-01 LED watch.

HP-01 brochure accessories
HP-01 brochure accessories inside

 HP-01 brochure and models overview, accessories 1977

HP-01 brochure brown
HP-01 brochure brown inside

Small, 4-sided brochure from 1977

Article from famous New York newspaper dated 02. Juni 1977:


It proves that 1st release of the HP-01 was 1st of June 1977...


HP-01 catalogue small
HP-01 pamphlet, printed in March 1977

HP-01 brochure German
HP-01 German brochure, from August 1977   

HP-01 Adverts

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HP-01 Computerwoche German

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